Network analysis and monitoring.

Organizations’ internal networks are becoming increasingly complex, supporting increasingly important strategic applications and services.

That is why the analysis and monitoring of networks has become an increasingly important and proactive task to avoid problems.

Today information comes from various sources and in different ways, this leads to a demand to improve the network or the final means of transmission.
Data networks have seen very significant growth generated by new ways of getting information to users, companies are currently struggling to improve their processes and their ability to compete in the world of telecommunications, which is why they must adopt -Solution related to the Internet as computer networks often suffer from co-management and major collapses.
These are due to the fact that the networks usually run traffic that was not common until recently, such as video, audio, messaging and multimedia.

There are currently local networks that have connections to more than 200 connected devices, which means that the network may be slower, and this is where the tools are able to analyze and monitor LAN traffic.

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