Manual or automatic BY-PASS

If you can’t stop, do your best to avoid it!

Systems managers in companies and their managers long ago understood the essential need to have systems that ensure continuity in their computer system, the heart of the productivity of modern companies. For this reason, an uninterruptible power supply system is incorporated as a guarantee of this security.

Maintaining the data and the production process we already know is crucial. To the point that you often end up trusting that the uninterruptible power supply is an element that was once incorporated into a business premises and has not been needed… the reality is that this device has done its job of protection “Silence” has protected systems and their data from micro outages, supply failures, interference…

In order for your protection system to continue to protect you, it is necessary to periodically dedicate the necessary time to prolong its useful life as much as possible and to remain alert to electrical anomalies such as the first day. It is necessary to carry out maintenance operations to know the state of its main organ, the batteries, by means of the medical recognition of the same by means of the realization of several tests. A review of the charging system and related electronic modules is required.

Sometimes maintenance tasks are delayed under the argument that “we can’t stop doing this task”

Do you know that there is a way to do maintenance and keep working?

In fact, there are devices to place in your facility that allow you to move your system to the supply network and perform overhaul and maintenance tasks without affecting the system. Manual systems and automated systems.

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