Apintel Suministros

We are APINTEL Suministros, an ICT services company oriented to the business and industrial world.

We began our journey in the year 1992, within the technology sector, distributing wiring and computer components for branch stores and specialized technical services in systems.

In view of a market that was becoming more professional and demanding every day and with new needs, after analyzing our trajectory, we soon had the idea of integrating in a single service philosophy all the elements required by the market, and that we could provide to our customers to solve their needs.

These needs include sanitizing and organizing existing rack cabinets. The assembly, verification and certification of data cabling, rack cabinets, fiber optics, professional and industrial electronics, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), WiFi and telephone repeaters and the supply of all necessary materials for facilities.

What was originally an idea, thanks to the continuous effort, work and specialization, has become today and over time a certainty backed by the trust and loyalty of our customers for 30 years.

The continuous innovations and the growing level of computerization in companies, force us to maintain a constant training and research of work systems and tools increasingly efficient and secure to meet the demand demanded in today’s market.

Apintel suministros has the required certifications and we are part of the main professional associations and federations in the sector:


Federation of Installers ’Guilds of Catalonia

The main function of FEGiCAT is to create new services and new initiatives so that its partners can increase their offer and develop new tools for economic and competitive growth.


Guild of Electricity, Plumbing and Communications Installers of Bages, Berguedà and Moianès

Focused on being a benchmark in the field of installers, leading the defense of the interests of member companies, through specialization, professionalism and adaptability to social, economic and technical changes in the environment.

R.A.S.I.C. 302855


Catalan Federation of Telecommunications Companies

Feceminte is a Catalan non-profit business association, aimed at promoting and enhancing the activity of its members. It is made up of companies engaged in the installation, integration, operation of networks and services, engineering and the provision of other services in the field of telecommunications.


Register of Accredited Companies

The REA aims to certify that companies operating in the construction sector meet the capacity and quality requirements of occupational risk prevention. Any company that intends to be contracted or subcontracted for work on a construction site must be registered in the REA under the employment authority where the company’s registered office is located.

R. E. A. 09/00/0009258


Secretary of State for Digital Advancement

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation is responsible for proposing and implementing the Government’s economic and reform policy to improve competitiveness, telecommunications and the information society.


Register of Telecommunications Installers (ITC)

Registration in the Register of Telecommunications Installers enables individuals and legal entities to install and maintain such equipment throughout the state.

R.I.T.C. 21607

Here are some of the services and solutions we provide for our customers:

RACK Cabinet Assembly.

3G/4G Mobile Signal Repeater Assembly.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Installation and Maintenance.

Connection over the IP or Mobile network for incident alerts.

Need help with your data network? We`re experts!

Apintel Suministros