Fiber Optic Installation for Businesses: The Best Solution for Your Network

The use of fiber optic in businesses has become a necessity to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. Fiber optic networks offer a number of advantages over copper networks, such as faster data transmission speeds, greater bandwidth, greater immunity to interference, and greater security.

Advantages of fiber optic over copper

  • Faster data transmission: Fiber optic allows data to be transmitted at speeds of up to 100 Gbps, which is ideal for businesses that require a high data transmission capacity, such as those operating in the telecommunications, banking, or healthcare sectors.
  • Greater bandwidth: Fiber optic also offers greater bandwidth than copper, allowing for a larger number of devices to be connected to the network without losing performance.
  • Less interference: Fiber optic networks are less susceptible to interference than copper networks, ensuring greater connection stability and reliability.
  • Better video and audio quality: Fiber optic also allows for better video and audio quality, which is ideal for businesses that use multimedia applications, such as video conferencing or streaming.
  • Greater security: Fiber optic is a more secure technology than copper, as it is more difficult to intercept.

Services we offer

At Apintel, we offer a comprehensive fiber optic installation service for businesses. Our services include:

  • Consulting: We help you choose the fiber optic solution that best meets your needs.
  • Design: We create a customized fiber optic network design that fits the architecture of your business.
  • Installation: We install the fiber optic network quickly and efficiently.
  • Maintenance: We offer preventive and corrective maintenance services to ensure the proper functioning of your fiber optic network.


Fiber optic installation is the best solution for businesses that are looking for a reliable, secure, and high-speed data network. If your business needs a new data network or wants to upgrade your existing network, contact us for more information.

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