Rack cabinets installation

After a study of the needs of each company we carry out the installation of rack cabinets and their components so that they are all located, tidy and centralized.

This allows the best possible conservation of essential elements and optimizes their performance.
Rack cabinets usually have a metal structure, as it is the best material to ensure robustness and security, with a transparent glass panel or door, so that users can check the condition of the devices without having to open it. These structures are usually locked to keep these tools safe from being tampered with by unauthorized personnel.
It is important to have the right criteria for choosing the Rack cabinet that best suits the conditions of your company.
Always taking into account the needs of an organization, so it is necessary to install those Racks cabinets that can efficiently supply the workers themselves.
We also make plans for the installation of the network, fiber optics, IP communication, etc… and monitor possible modifications or extensions.

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