Structured Networks

It is not uncommon to come across companies that do not have some kind of network. The convenience of centralizing data and documents of all kinds makes them indispensable.

Structured cabling is defined as the physical or logical cabling infrastructure of telecommunications that is used for the transmission of information and signal in different technologies.
Structured cabling systems are a type of network cabling solution that organizes your infrastructure. The main advantage of structured cabling is that it helps prepare your business for the future by incorporating any new machinery you add and at the same time supports the growing amount of data that companies use every day. It makes systems much easier to manage as your business grows.

Installation of structured cabling

Apintel is a company specializing in structured cabling.
Aquest servei suposa un dels nostres valors més importants i, per això, es fan servir els materials de la més alta qualitat i reconegut prestigi mundial per aconseguir el millor dels resultats.

Facilities maintenance

At Apintel we offer our customers a preventive and corrective Structured Wiring Maintenance service.
In this way we comply with the priority of the care of network cabling systems.


The certification of structured network cabling confirms the proper operation and connectivity of both the elements and the installation that has been carried out. Apintel provides the certificate of the installations carried out.

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