Wireless Networks

It’s rare to come across companies that don’t have some kind of network. The convenience of centralizing data and documents of all kinds makes them essential.

Advantages of wireless networks over fixed wired networks:
• Centralized. We offer a centralized system, so we can unify the management of different wifi devices on the network.
• Speed. Mounting 2.4GHz (450Mbps), 5GHz (1300Mbps) networks and also with Wifi6 where we achieve Wifi speeds of 4804Mbps
• Extensive Wifi coverage. By means of wall or ceiling repeaters, with coverage of up to 200m2 per device.
• Large volume management. Each Wi-Fi hotspot can handle up to 400 Internet browsing sites simultaneously.
• High power outdoor wifi, to be able to communicate different offices wirelessly or provide large open spaces with internet.
• Remote administration. To be able to remotely manage different aspects of Wifi devices, such as renaming SSID, password…

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